The Importance of County Criminal Reporting

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Do you run National Criminal Reports regularly and often wonder if you’re getting all the details?
Has your applicant resided in a specific county that does not report to the National Database?
Did you know that running a simple National Database Search can hold you open to liability in your screening practice?
Your solution is the Emerge County Criminal Report. Using a combination of physical court runners and state-of-the-art digital court extraction technology, LiveRunner™, records can be searched using specific counties in which the applicant has resided in and reveal detailed information not found in any other type of criminal report.

The best part… you can extract information without having to wait, including filing date, case number, charges (7-year felony & misdemeanor records) and sentencing information. Coverage for County Criminal Reports is available from the following states:

Dist. Of Columbia*

New Hampshire*
New Jersey*
New Mexico
New York*
North Carolina

North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota*
West Virginia*

Contact your account representative to start running County Criminal Reports today!* LiveRunner™ availability may be limited in this location. Please contact us for more info.



Syncpod: Changing the Way You Run Reports

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Syncpod is a new, innovative technology using a desktop device that scans identification cards right into Emerge. The smart scanner captures all details including, photo, social security number, signature, and much more, all while saving you input time and human error.

This data will complete your application input process and with a single push of a button and allow you to complete a report on the individual whose information was scanned.

Specifications of the Syncpod device
-Compatible with all ID card types (Drivers’ License, Social Security, General Identification, Passport)
-Scans IDs from all 50 U.S.  states
-One-touch integration captures data within 1-2 seconds
-USB 2.0 interface means no external power source is needed
-3 Megapixel, 600 dpi True Color embedded camera
-Automatic card placement detection
-Dimensions: Height – 7.5” Width – 5.1” Weight – 15.87oz

It’s never been faster or easier to run your pre-hire screenings! To learn more about how you can start using the Syncpod technology, contact your account representative today!


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How to Do a Background Check on a Potential Employee

employement screening Every good business pre-screens potential employees. However, due to state and federal regulations, performing a background check on someone isn’t as simple as typing that person’s name into Google and seeing what comes up. In fact, doing that might expose you and your employer to a lawsuit. Today, we’re going to show you how to do a safe, legal, and accurate background check on any potential employee:

Select a background check service

Most companies work with a background check service to determine the eligibility of a job candidate. This is done for a number of different reasons. Background check services come with all of the following advantages:

  • Save time
  • Avoid exposing yourself and your employer to a lawsuit
  • Obtain fast and accurate results

These three benefits are under-valued in the world of business. Using the wrong piece of information to make a hiring decision could expose a company to a multimillion dollar lawsuit. And spending hours contacting government databases and courthouses is not an efficient use of anybody’s time. When considering the time and costs involved with a manual background check, they’re not nearly as expensive as you may think. Whether you’re the owner of a small business or a human resource manager at a large corporation, background check services like USAIntel  have long been the best way to protect companies while providing safe and accurate information about potential employees.

Performing a background check on your own

While background check services are the most popular way to verify information about a potential employee in the United States, there’s nothing to prevent anyone from performing their own background check on a potential employee. Before you proceed, you should be aware that performing a manual background check is time-consuming, legally dangerous, and expensive. When you perform a manual background check, you don’t have to pay a background check service. However, you may have to pay fees to access various government records. In the state of California, for example, it costs $18 to obtain a birth certificate and $14 to obtain a death certificate. However, if you do choose to proceed with a manual background check, here are some of the records you can legally access and use when assessing the job worthiness of an employee: -Search social networks like Facebook or Twitter to find the profiles of the prospective job candidate. Use the information on these profiles to decide whether or not the individual would be a good addition to the company. Also consider searching other lesser known social networking sites. -Search for the employee under the National Sex Offender Registry database. If that individual appears in the database, he or she has been convicted of a sex crime. -If driving is involved in the job, obtain a driving record from the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. This can be done either through the mail or by walking into a nearby office. To discover how to legally obtain driving records for prospective employees in your state, click here for the official website. -Call educational institutions to verify the prospective employee’s certificates, degrees, experience, and any other education-related information disclosed on the resume. -Call past employers to verify the employment status of the prospective employee.

Always obtain employee authorization

Whether you order a background check service or obtain a manual background check, you always need to receive the permission of the prospective employee. No matter what kind of information you’re searching for, that person always needs to sign an authorization form consenting to the search. Once the prospective employee has signed an authorization form, you are free to perform all of the tasks we’ve listed above.


Performing a background check on a potential employee isn’t difficult. The best and most accurate way to perform a background check is to combine basic manual searching with detailed background checks performed by a professional service. Manual background checks are not an ideal way to pre-screen a potential employee. They expose companies to liability and are time-consuming and inefficient. However, by combining some basic aspects of manual searching – like a Facebook and Twitter search – with background check services, you can effectively pre-screen potential employees and protect your company.

How to do a background check on an employee

If you want to check up on an employee’s history, then a background check is the best way to proceed. An estimated 40% of resumes contain falsified or tweaked information, and a background check can ensure that your employees are being honest.

Today, we’re going to show you exactly how to perform a background check on an employee.

Step 1) Make the employee sign a disclosure agreement that allows you to legally perform a background check. This will allow you to gain access to personal database records that you would otherwise not be able to access.

Step 2) Understand what you can and cannot check. There are a number of regulations surrounding employee background checks. The specific laws vary from state to state, but employers can generally check an employee’s credit history, criminal record, work history, and driving record. Checking medical history, on the other hand, is definitely not allowed. To learn more about what you can and cannot check, contact your state’s Department of Labor. Or, read through the list of regulations published by the FTC and FCRA here.

Step 3) Many people begin an employee background check by searching for that person’s name on Google. However, this can be risky, as it can expose the searcher to a lawsuit. Instead of simply searching Google directly, try searching government databases to learn about an applicant’s credit history, criminal record, driving record, and other information. The FBI offers a page with resources for businesses that can help perform a criminal record check, for example.

Step 4) Check academic records. Academic records are among the most falsified claims on an employee’s resume. Contact the educational institution that the employee claims to have attended and verify education levels, degrees, certifications, and any other claims.

Step 5) Verify work experience. Contact previous places of employment to verify that the employee actually worked there. Be sure to verify any workplace achievements – like sales figures or revenue growth – that the employee claimed to have achieved at that workplace.

Step 6) Compare the background check with stated employee information. Find the employee’s resume and job application form and ensure that they were being truthful with their information.
Background check services – a less time-consuming and more cost-effective approach
Instead of going through all of the steps listed above on your own, it’s a far easier solution to order a background check from a company like USA Intel. Since there are tens of thousands of courts across the United States, something as simple as a criminal background check could take weeks to process. When you take into account how much time it would take to contact educational institutions, previous workplaces, and government databases, it’s hard to justify performing a background check on an employee on your own.

USA Intel has helped thousands of employers across the country learn more about their employees. From criminal background checks to verifications of employment, USA Intel offers comprehensive details about an employee’s claims at an affordable price.
When you outsource background check services, you ensure that the results of the check will be as accurate as possible. Background check services can also complete the check in a fraction of the time it would take an individual. And in most cases, the background check service isn’t nearly as expensive as employers may think.

Performing a manual background check on an employee can be time-consuming and expensive. If you’re like most business managers, then your time is too valuable to waste sitting at a computer calling various government offices and databases. When ordering a background check from USA Intel, the results are guaranteed to be accurate. Background check services also tend to reveal more information than a manual background check.

Here is just some of the information a USA Intel background check could reveal about an employee:

  • Bankruptcy report
  • Credit reporting through services like Experian Employment Insight
  • Evictions report
  • People search
  • Criminal reports
  • Drug testing reports
  • Driver’s license search
  • Motor vehicle report
  • Education and employment verification
  • Personal reference checkups and much more!

However, one of the most valuable benefits of working with a background check service like USA Intel is the fact that the company is thoroughly familiar with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and all other regulations in the United States. The Fair Credit Reporting Act governs access to information at a federal level, but each state and industry also has its own regulations. Before looking up any employee information on your own, you will need to be intimately familiar with these regulations in order to avoid a lawsuit. When you work with a service like USA Intel, they are already intimately familiar with all of these regulations – which means you can avoid a devastating lawsuit.

For example, a background check company would be able to tell you that requesting the bankruptcy history of a job applicant is perfectly legal, although basing a hiring decision off of that information is illegal. Complying with these rules could help your company avoid millions of dollars in legal costs.

Conclusion – performing background checks on employees

Whether you suspect an employee of wrongdoing or you just need to verify the information on an employee’s resume, an employee background check is an easy and effective way to protect your company.

Remember: employee background checks may not cost nearly as much as you think. For a fast, effective, and accurate background check on any of your employees, visit today.

Employment Background Checks Made Faster with LiveRunner™ by USAintel

Performing a truly comprehensive background check throughout United States can, in actuality, be much more complicated and difficult than most people would assume. Because criminal data and other public records are often fragmented across several sources due to the disconnect amongst state, federal, local courts and corrections departments, a background researcher will need to reassemble the various pieces of information to get an accurate picture of the candidate’s true background. The fact that there are thousands of local courts spread out across the country makes this task more challenging than conventional wisdom would suggest.

Running a People Search SSN validation and address lookup, in addition to a national criminal database report, is an excellent starting point. The People Search allows you to quickly verify that the social security number belongs to the claimed candidate, as well as provides you a list of counties they have resided in over the last decade. This is a vital step towards identifying which counties you will research for criminal records. When used in conjunction with a national criminal database report (NCR), a People Search becomes a powerful one-two combination and an invaluable tool in the vetting process, as it allows for a wide-spread search which sweeps most of the country for criminal records, and returns a compiled report in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, while these types of reports cover a broad geography and often return excellent results, they are reliant upon local and state court and agencies to upload records periodically to a centralized state repository (or database), and thus may not give you all of the relevant information possible.  Also, some court and department of corrections records may be missed.

At this point, running a manual county (CCR) report may be required to supplement the missing data and to fill in any gaps in the individual’s criminal history. Utilizing the counties identified with the People Search report, now court records can be researched at the county level with ease. The only limitation is the associated turnaround times can vary by county, which can range anywhere from one to ten business days on average. This means critical information can be delayed for weeks, limiting your ability to make an informed decision in a timely manner.

This is where products such as LiveRunner™, USAintel’s proprietary digital court runner platform, can be a literal lifesaver. LiveRunner allows county courts to be researched remotely in as little as thirty minutes, versus the traditional one to ten business days. Records retrieved via LiveRunner typically provide all relevant information including location of the court, offence and conviction dates, docket numbers, severities of the charges, and other important details, just like the traditional manual county records, only at unprecedentedly quick turnaround times.

Contact USAintel to speak with a Background Screening Specialist today: 888-409-1819.


Getting the right criminal background screening website

Carrying out criminal background checks has become inevitable for most employers.  Today, finding information regarding to criminal records has become quite simple  compared to a couple of years ago.  There are in fact, many people aside from employers who may seek to run background checks on others but they just do not understand how they can carry on the entire process, or how simple it actually is.

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Understanding the Reasons Why Employers Search Criminal Records

Let’s analyze the pros and cons for employers to search criminal records.  The truth is that checking the criminal record of a prospective candidate applying for a certain position within a company can help the Human Resources department to find out whether the applicant is trustworthy or not. In addition, criminal record search gives the employer the chance to discover if the candidate has ever had a conviction for drug abuse, DUI, and other felonies. These details are very important as they can literally help a company to avoid bad hiring.

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How to Conduct a Proper Pre-employment Background Check

Every employer must know how to conduct a proper pre-employment background check. It is important that employees who are working for a particular company are reliable and trustworthy. If an employer will skip the important details of the background checking process, he is risking the security and success of his company.

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Value of Pre Employment Screening

Pre-employment background checks have several advantages to the employer. First of all, such checks have proved to have the capability of increasing productivity in employees while creating a safe environment in the company. The checks ensure a company ends up hiring employees that are qualified, experienced and have the right set of skills. This in turn leads to the effective adaptation into a company by a new employee. Furthermore, an employer is assuring that their investment in hiring, training, and managing an employee is protected by having the ability to predict behaviors or issues that may arise.

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How to Conduct a Pre-employment Background Check

Every employer, Human Resources Manager, or recruiter must know how to conduct a proper pre-employment background check. It is important that employees who are working for an organization are reliable and trustworthy. Skipping the important details of the background checking process, one risks the very the security and success of the company.

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